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Elevator Cab Refurbishment in Chicago, IL

Welcome to Suburban Elevator, your trusted partner in elevator cab refurbishment in the vibrant city of Chicago, IL. We understand the pivotal role elevators play in the seamless functioning of your building, and we are committed to elevating both the aesthetics and functionality of your elevator cabs.

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Why Choose Elevator Cab Refurbishment?


Elevator cabs are not just a means of transportation; they are a reflection of your building's identity. Over time, wear and tear can diminish their visual appeal and performance. Our elevator cab refurbishment services in Chicago aim to revitalize and modernize your elevators, ensuring they align with the contemporary standards of safety, aesthetics, and efficiency.

  • Key Benefits of Elevator Cab Refurbishment:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Elevate the visual appeal of your building with modern, stylish elevator cab designs.

  • Improved Safety Standards: Upgrade your elevator cabs to meet or exceed the latest safety regulations, ensuring the well-being of your occupants.

  • Energy Efficiency: Implement energy-efficient technologies to reduce your building's carbon footprint.

  • Increased Property Value: Elevator cab refurbishment adds value to your property, making it more attractive to tenants and investors.

CALL US TODAY  847-783-6200

Our Elevator Cab Refurbishment Process


At Suburban Elevator, we take pride in our meticulous, comprehensive refurbishment process for elevator cabs. Our team follows a systematic approach for a seamless transformation.

1. Assessment and Consultation:

Before embarking on any refurbishment project, our team thoroughly assesses your current elevator cabs. We then consult with you to understand your aesthetic preferences, performance requirements, and budget constraints.

2. Design Customization:

Our skilled designers collaborate with clients to create customized refurbishment plans that align with their vision. With expertise in classic, modern, and futuristic design, we bring ideas to life.

3. Material Selection:

Elevate the quality and durability of your elevator cabs by choosing from a wide range of premium materials. Our experts guide you in selecting materials that balance aesthetics and functionality while meeting safety standards.


4. Installation by Experts:

The success of any refurbishment project lies in its execution. Our highly trained technicians precisely handle the installation process, ensuring every component is in place for a seamless and safe elevator experience.


5. Quality Assurance:

We rigorously check elevator cabs at every stage of refurbishment. Our commitment to excellence ensures the highest safety, performance, and aesthetic standards.

Elevator Cab Refurbishment Services

Tailored for Chicago, IL

Chicago's diverse architectural landscape demands elevator cabs that complement the building's design and withstand the city's unique environmental challenges. Our services are tailored to cater specifically to the needs of Chicago, providing:

Chicago's ever-changing weather requires elevator cabs that can withstand the elements. Our refurbishment solutions include weather-resistant materials to ensure durability in all conditions.

We stay abreast of the latest local regulations in Chicago to ensure your elevator cabs comply with safety and accessibility standards. We aim to enhance your building's safety while adhering to all relevant codes.


The Suburban Elevator Advantage

Why Suburban Elevator?

Regarding elevator cab refurbishment in Chicago, Suburban Elevator stands out for several reasons. Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions sets us apart in the industry.


1. Decades of Expertise:

With decades of experience in the elevator industry, Suburban Elevator brings a wealth of knowledge to every refurbishment project. Our seasoned professionals understand the intricacies of elevator systems, ensuring a comprehensive and effective refurbishment.

2. Customer-Centric Approach:

Your satisfaction is our priority. We prioritize open communication, collaboration, and transparency throughout the refurbishment process. Our customer-centric approach means you are involved and informed every step of the way.


3. Cutting-Edge Technology:

Elevator technology is constantly evolving, and so are we. Suburban Elevator stays at the forefront of industry advancements, integrating cutting-edge technology into our refurbishment solutions to enhance safety, efficiency, and aesthetics.

4. Tailored Solutions for Chicago:

We understand the unique challenges posed by Chicago's architectural diversity and weather conditions. Our refurbishment solutions are specifically tailored to address these challenges, ensuring the longevity and resilience of your elevator cabs.

Elevating Safety: Compliance and Certification


Committed to Compliance

Elevator safety is paramount, and at Suburban Elevator, we prioritize compliance with local, state, and federal regulations governing elevator systems. Our refurbishment process adheres to all relevant safety codes, ensuring that your elevator cabs meet or exceed the required standards.

1. ADA Compliance:

We are well-versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, ensuring that our elevator cab refurbishment projects prioritize accessibility for all users. From tactile buttons to audible signals, our designs adhere to ADA guidelines.

2. Safety Inspections:

Our team conducts thorough safety inspections to identify and address any potential issues before and after the refurbishment. This commitment to safety not only protects your occupants but also safeguards your investment.


3. Certifications:

Suburban Elevator is proud to hold relevant certifications demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety. Our certifications testify to our adherence to industry best practices and standards.

Elevating Sustainability: Green Solutions for Elevator Cab Refurbishment

In an era where sustainability is a key consideration in building management, Suburban Elevator offers eco-friendly solutions for elevator cab refurbishment in Chicago. Our commitment to green practices extends beyond energy-efficient technologies to encompass environmentally conscious materials and processes.

1. Energy-Efficient Lighting:

Upgrade your elevator cabs with LED lighting solutions, reducing energy consumption while enhancing visibility and ambiance. Our energy-efficient lighting options contribute to both cost savings and environmental responsibility.


2. Recyclable Materials:

Choose from a selection of recyclable and sustainable materials for your elevator cab refurbishment. From wall panels to flooring, our eco-friendly options enhance the aesthetics and contribute to a greener environment.


3. Waste Reduction:

Our refurbishment process minimizes waste through responsible disposal and recycling practices. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our projects while delivering top-notch results.

Elevating Your Investment: Value Addition Through Elevator Cab Refurbishment


Elevator cab refurbishment is not just an expense; it's an investment in the overall value of your property. Suburban Elevator is dedicated to providing refurbishment solutions that enhance aesthetics and safety and contribute to a positive return on investment.


1. Increased Property Value:

Elevator cab refurbishment adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to your building, increasing its overall market value. Impress potential tenants and investors with an aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained elevator system.


2. Tenant Satisfaction:

Happy tenants are likelier to stay, and an upgraded elevator system contributes significantly to satisfaction. Enhance the overall experience for your occupants, creating a positive and lasting impression.


3. Competitive Edge:

Stay ahead of the competition by offering a state-of-the-art elevator experience. A modern, well-maintained elevator system sets your building apart, making it more appealing to discerning tenants in the competitive Chicago real estate market.


Elevate Your Building's Profile with Suburban Elevator


Choosing Suburban Elevator for your elevator cab refurbishment in Chicago is not just a practical decision; it's an investment in the longevity and appeal of your building. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to innovation, we are your trusted partner in transforming ordinary elevator cabs into extraordinary experiences.


At Suburban Elevator, we don't just refurbish elevator cabs; we elevate your building's profile and enhance the overall experience for its occupants. Trust us to transform your elevators into a statement of sophistication, safety, and style.


Elevate with Suburban Elevator - Your Partner in Elevator Cab Refurbishment Excellence in Chicago, IL.




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Suburban Elevator began in the Chicago land area back in 1994.  The owners, Carmen Galante and Chris Anderson, teamed up to form what was one of the largest independent elevator companies in the country. 



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