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Industrial Elevator Services

Industrial Elevator

When it comes to dependable and efficient industrial elevator services in Chicago, IL, Suburban Elevator stands as the undisputed leader in the industry. For more than years, we have been proud to offer exceptional elevator solutions to businesses in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our focus on quality, safety, and innovation has established us as the premier elevator service provider for industrial facilities throughout the region.

Elevate Your Industrial Operations with Suburban Elevator


At Suburban Elevator, we understand that an industrial elevator is more than just a convenience; it's a critical component of your daily operations. Our comprehensive elevator maintenance services are designed to keep your elevators running smoothly and minimize downtime. We specialize in servicing a variety of industrial elevators, such as freight elevators and material lifts, with a team of highly skilled technicians.


Comprehensive Elevator Maintenance

Key Services:

  • Regular inspections and preventive maintenance

  • Emergency repair services available 24/7

  • Modernization and upgrades to enhance safety and efficiency

  • Compliance with all industry standards and regulations


Elevator Modernization

Is your industrial elevator showing signs of wear and tear? Don't let outdated equipment slow down your operations. Suburban Elevator offers elevator modernization services that can breathe new life into your existing elevators. Our expert technicians will assess your elevator's condition and provide tailored solutions to improve its performance and safety.

Benefits of Elevator Modernization:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency

  • Increased reliability

  • Improved safety features

  • Compliance with the latest industry standards

Custom Elevator Installation

When it's time for a new industrial elevator installation, Suburban Elevator is the partner you can trust. We design and install customized elevators that meet your facility's unique needs. Our expertise includes heavy-duty freight elevators and specialized material lifts.

Our Custom Elevator Solutions Include:

  • Freight elevators for heavy industrial applications

  • Material lifts for warehouses and distribution centers

  • Passenger elevators for multi-story industrial buildings

  • Compliance with ADA requirements for accessibility


Elevator Safety Upgrades

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting. Suburban Elevator offers elevator safety upgrades to ensure that your elevators meet the latest safety regulations. We provide solutions such as safety interlocks, emergency communication systems, and enhanced monitoring to keep your elevator passengers and cargo safe.

Our Safety Upgrade Services Cover:

  • Installation of state-of-the-art safety equipment

  • Compliance with ANSI and ASME safety standards

  • Regular safety inspections and audits

  • Safety training for your staff

Are you ready to elevate your industrial elevators? Contact us now to schedule a consultation with our experts and discover how Suburban Elevator can enhance your operations.

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Why Choose Suburban Elevator?

With over 29 years of experience in the industry, Suburban Elevator has a deep understanding of the unique requirements of industrial elevators. Our technicians are certified experts who stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in elevator technology. We know that elevator breakdowns can occur at the most inconvenient times. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services. When you choose Suburban Elevator, you can rest assured that help is just a phone call away, no matter the time or day. We leverage cutting-edge technology to provide the best solutions to our clients. Our modernization services incorporate the latest innovations to enhance the efficiency and safety of your elevators. Safety is our top priority. We adhere to all industry safety standards and regulations, and we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your employees and assets when using our elevators. At Suburban Elevator, we understand that every industrial facility has unique requirements. Our ability to provide tailored solutions sets us apart from the competition. We work closely with you to design, install, and maintain elevators that meet your specific needs.

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Elevator Energy Efficiency

In today's industrial landscape, sustainability and energy efficiency are more critical than ever. Suburban Elevator is committed to helping you reduce your environmental footprint and operational costs with our energy-efficient elevator solutions.

Our Energy-Efficient Services Include:

  • Installation of LED lighting in elevator cabs and shafts

  • Energy-efficient motor and drive upgrades

  • Regenerative drives that capture and reuse energy

  • Monitoring systems to optimize energy consumption


Elevators are significant energy consumers in industrial facilities, and our energy-efficient upgrades can lead to substantial savings over time while aligning with your sustainability goals.


Elevator Performance Optimization

Optimizing the performance of your industrial elevator is essential for smooth operations. Suburban Elevator offers advanced elevator performance optimization services to ensure your elevators operate at their peak efficiency.

Performance Optimization Benefits:

  • Reduced wait times for passengers and cargo

  • Improved reliability and reduced downtime

  • Enhanced ride quality for passengers

  • Lower maintenance costs over time


Our experts use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to analyze and fine-tune elevator systems, resulting in improved performance and longevity.

Elevator Safety Training

Safety is not just about equipment; it's also about the people who operate and use your elevators. Suburban Elevator provides comprehensive elevator safety training for your staff to ensure that everyone is well-prepared in case of an emergency.

Our Safety Training Covers:

  • Proper elevator usage

  • Emergency procedures

  • Evacuation protocols

  • Routine inspection guidelines


Investing in elevator safety training can prevent accidents, reduce liability, and ensure that your employees are confident and capable when using your elevators.


Elevator Compliance and Certification

Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of industrial elevators. Suburban Elevator is well-versed in industry standards and regulations, and we ensure that your elevators meet all necessary certifications and inspections.

Our Compliance Services Include:

  • Regular inspections to meet ANSI/ASME standards

  • Compliance with ADA accessibility requirements

  • Ongoing maintenance and documentation

  • Assistance with permits and certifications


By choosing Suburban Elevator, you can trust that your elevators will always fully comply with the latest regulations, giving you peace of mind and minimizing the risk of penalties.

Elevate your expectations and experience elevator excellence with Suburban Elevator. Contact us to learn how our innovative solutions can enhance your facility's efficiency and safety.

Elevator Modernization Financing Options

We understand that upgrading your industrial elevators can be a significant financial investment. To make the process more manageable, Suburban Elevator offers flexible financing options. Our team can work with you to develop a financing plan that aligns with your budget and business goals.

Benefits of Our Financing Options:

  • Preserve your capital for other business needs

  • Enjoy the benefits of modernized elevators without a large upfront cost

  • Competitive interest rates and terms

  • Simplified approval process


Elevate your industrial operations with Suburban Elevator's modernization solutions without straining your budget.


Elevator Sustainability and Green Initiatives

As businesses increasingly focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Suburban Elevator is dedicated to providing eco-friendly elevator solutions. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond energy efficiency; we aim to minimize the environmental impact of your industrial elevators.

Our Sustainability Initiatives Include:

  • Use of eco-friendly materials in elevator modernization

  • Recyclable and energy-efficient components

  • Eco-conscious disposal of old elevator equipment

  • Green elevator technologies that reduce energy consumption


By choosing Suburban Elevator, you contribute to a greener future while enjoying the benefits of environmentally responsible elevator solutions.

Elevator Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Maximize the uptime and reliability of your industrial elevators with our advanced remote monitoring and predictive maintenance services. We leverage cutting-edge technology to monitor your elevators in real-time, allowing us to detect potential issues before they lead to costly breakdowns.

Advantages of Remote Monitoring:

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs

  • Timely identification of performance issues

  • Increased elevator lifespan

  • Enhanced safety for passengers and cargo


Our proactive approach ensures that your elevators remain in optimal condition, minimizing disruptions to your operations.


Elevator Reliability and Durability

In the industrial sector, elevators need to withstand rigorous demands. Suburban Elevator specializes in providing industrial-grade elevators known for their reliability and durability. Our elevator systems are engineered to handle heavy loads, frequent usage, and challenging environmental conditions.

Features of Our Reliable Elevator Systems:

  • Heavy-duty components and materials

  • Robust construction for long-lasting performance

  • Rigorous testing to ensure durability

  • Industry-leading warranties


When you choose Suburban Elevator, you invest in elevators that can withstand the toughest industrial environments.

Elevator Service Contracts and Maintenance Packages


Suburban Elevator offers customizable service contracts and maintenance packages to simplify elevator management and ensure consistent performance. These agreements are tailored to your specific needs and provide peace of mind knowing that your elevators are in expert hands.

Benefits of Our Service Contracts:

  • Priority service and response times

  • Predictable maintenance costs

  • Regularly scheduled inspections and tune-ups

  • Budget-friendly options for long-term elevator care


Our service contracts allow you to focus on your core business activities while we take care of your elevator maintenance needs.

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Elevator Compliance with Industry Standards

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In the industrial sector, compliance with industry standards and regulations is not optional—it's mandatory. Suburban Elevator is well-versed in the latest elevator codes and standards, ensuring that your elevators meet all requirements.

Our Commitment to Compliance Includes:

  • Adherence to ANSI and ASME elevator standards

  • Compliance with local and national building codes

  • Expertise in ADA accessibility guidelines

  • Assistance with inspection and certification processes


With Suburban Elevator, you can rest assured that your elevators are always fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Elevate Your Industrial Elevator Experience with Suburban Elevator

Suburban Elevator is your trusted partner for all your industrial elevator needs in Chicago, IL. With a rich history of excellence, a commitment to safety, and a focus on innovation, we have the expertise and resources to provide top-notch elevator services to industrial facilities of all sizes.


Whether you need routine maintenance, elevator modernization, energy-efficient upgrades, or safety training, Suburban Elevator has you covered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference of working with the industry leader in industrial elevator services.




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Suburban Elevator began in the Chicago land area back in 1994.  The owners, Carmen Galante and Chris Anderson, teamed up to form what was one of the largest independent elevator companies in the country. 



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